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This section is devoted to articles on art, interviews with art-makers, critics and collectors. Primarily, it will comprise articles that I have written over my thirty-plus years as a critic, curator and art writer. Many of the interviews were done for The Edmonton Review, a newsletter that I produced for the Edmonton Contemporary Artists' Society.

This section is currently under construction...

Peter Hide: Art and Feeling

An article that I wrote for inclusion in the recently published book Peter Hide: A Sculptor's Life.

The Greenberg Interview

First printed in The Edmonton Contemporary Artists' Society newsletter, The Edmonton Review, the interview with art critic Clement Greenberg was recorded over a two-day period during the critic's last visit to Edmonton in 1991.

Anthony Caro Interview

Considered by many to be the greatest sculptor of the second half of the Twentieth Century, Anthony Caro was a frequent visitor to Edmonton. His discussion with Russell Bingham took place in the Fall of 1996.

Terry Fenton Interview

Artist, critic and art gallery director Terry Fenton was Director of the Edmonton Art Gallery during a particularly exciting and influential period of its history. This interview is the record of an e-mail conversation with Russell Bingham that took place between November, 1995 and January, 1996.

Peter Hide Interview

An interview with the sculptor Peter Hide that first appeared in The Edmonton Review, the newsletter of the Edmonton Contemporary Artists' Society in 1994.

Karen Wilkin Interview

Karen Wilkin was the Head Curator of the Edmonton Art Gallery during the Gallery’s most vital period, during the seventies and eighties. During her tenure at the EAG, she was responsible for organizing some the Gallery’s most important exhibitions of art, including “Sculpture in Steel,” “The Collective Unconscious,” “Adolph Gottlieb Pictographs,” and “David Smith: The Formative Years.”

Terrence Keller Interview

A conversation with abstract painter Terrence Keller that originally appeared in the Summer,1999 issue of the Edmonton Contemporary Artists' Society newsletter, The Edmonton Review.

Mitchel Smith: Faktura

Review of an exhibition of paintings by Mitchel Smith at the Common Sense Gallery, June 7 – 28, 2013.

Jack Bush in Edmonton Collections

A short article that I wrote some years ago to accompany an exhibition that I organized for the Edmonton Art Gallery of paintings by Jack Bush drawn from Edmonton Collections

Links to Other Sites:

Terry Fenton

A link to the website of the artist, critic and former public gallery director.


An Appropriate Distance (From the Mayor’s Doorstep)

A diary of art gallery and studio visits by the New York critic Piri Halasz.


Walter Darby Bannard

Website of the brilliant painter and art critic Walter Darby Bannard


James Walsh

A collection of artwork by the New York abstract painter.


Ann Walsh

Abstract artist working in new materials


Mitchel Smith Fine Art

Website of the Edmonton, Alberta abstract painter Mitchel Smith

Horacio Torres

Link to a catalogue for an exhibition of the Uruguayan figurative painter Horacio Torres that I organized for the Edmonton Art Gallery in the early '80s.

Clement Greenberg

A website created by Terry Fenton that contains a collection of articles, interviews, reminiscences  - "the opinions of friends, admirers, and sometime critics," as well as selections from the critic's own writing.

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